The Republic of Cool 2.0 by Prophète & Co

Mar 2, 2021 • 6 mins

On 10 February, I was sitting watching "Quotidien", the cult French TV show hosted by Yann Barthès, when they brought on 23-year-old Emile Coddens, the ‘star’ wine producer and influencer on TikTok with some 300,000 subscribers. In barely 20 minutes, his spontaneity, steely blue eyes and relaxed chat managed to demystify the world of wine, captivating thousands of viewers...

That evening the Val de Loire had officially found its Ambassador 2.0, but I couldn't help wondering if Emile had any disciples in Champagne, i.e. wine producers in their early 20s with contagious energy and, like Emile, ‘hyper-connected’, and if so, what were they doing to democratize wine drinking among the digital natives?

To answer my own questions, I started looking through my community on Instagram, more than 7,000 subscribers. I would probably have been at it all night had my 22-year-old sister not tagged me in a post on Champagne Prophète and Co. Intrigued by their name, logo and motto, I decided to DM them. Within an hour, we had set up an online meeting.

The future is social

Bright-eyed, disarming smiles, they seem almost ingenuous... But don’t be fooled, Océane and Corentin, a lawyer and communicator by training, know exactly where they want to go and, above all, how to engage their community. At a time when certain wine producers are still surprised that their importers are switching from email to Insta-messaging, this new breed of winemakers is perfectly aware that the future of the wine business now lies mainly on social. 

Barbonne-Fayel, the place to go

"One of our major challenges in 2021 will be to build awareness of our Champagne House and the sales of the wines. We love sharing the ins and outs of our everyday life with our followers through quality content, which is fun, dynamic and unfiltered. The aim remains to be able to meet them at the end of the day. Our Domaine is located about 100 km from Reims in a great village but quite far away from the historical crus. Barbonne-Fayel is a bit like Kamini's Marly-Gomont. A small Champagne village lost in the Coteaux du Sézannais, a wine-producing area that is often poorly charted. And yet, believe you me, this region has a lot going for it!" Corentin tells me with a touch of humour. 

Le follower is king

As you may have guessed, at Les Prophètes and Co, the 'Wine Lover' is at the heart of their strategy and that makes one heck of a difference. This focus is even one of the secrets of their success. Everything is designed around the wine lover, both graphically and semantically speaking. Starting with their wines, just four of them to ensure the wine lover does not get lost.

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