The Paetzold Family are seeing things clearly!

Nov 8, 2021 • 3 mins
Assistant commercial

Have you heard of Wine Globes yet? These new glass receptacles are revolutionising the world of wine and slowly but surely becoming the talk of Champagne. They are used by several Champagne Houses including Leclerc Briant, Savart, Leclaire-Thiefaine and Péhu Simonet.

These French-made receptacles with their strange lightbulb heads are available in four different sizes ranging from 60 to 400 litres! As confirmed by numerous winemakers and oenologists, they help to conserve optimum purity in the finished wine.

Clear progress!

It’s a well-known fact that a wine can be altered by the materials and oxygen with which it comes into contact. This is where the Wine Globe comes in: glass is a material with zero porosity to oxygen which results in a complete lack of reduction in the volume of the wine.

The inert character of glass ensures optimum expression of the grape and gives rise to wines that are alive, dynamic and with all their aromatic potential intact. When aged in the Wine Globe, the wine continues to evolve without any oxidation or reduction.

New generation vats!

As well as the added value created by the Wine Globe in terms of taste, it also offers an important practical advantage. It is much easier to clean (the water used in the cleaning process is halved!) and its smooth surface prevents the development of micro-organisms. And since there is no loss of the wine’s volume thanks to the lack of porosity, you can bid farewell to ullage as well!

These glass receptacles are transparent, meaning that we can see the wine in action and that racking and filling are facilitated. Worried about the effects of lightstrike? Fear not as a protective layer is in place to protect the wine from the light!

Vats are going green!

Another important point is that the Wine Globe is a sustainable innovation. Glass is an infinitely reusable material and this, combined with the consequent reduction of water per litre of wine produced, makes the Wine Globe a product of our times.

Those who opt to age their wines in these glass receptacles instead of oak barrels can expect to use 25-50% less SO2. What’s more, no pollutants are released into the wine! The receptacles are produced in a single piece which prevents any form of chemical or aromatic pollution from glue thereby conserving optimum purity in the wine.

The Paetzold family have seen the light! These receptacles are well suited to all types of wine (red, white, rosé and champagne) and look set to become the next big thing in the world of wine! We bet we’ll be hearing much more about them soon from our winemaker friends.