"The love of the vine and champagne" as slam

Dec 2, 2020 • 1 min
Brand & Content manager

Raphaël Herrerias of the Terrenoire duet lends his voice to the Vignerons de Champagne and, speaks in poetry of the love of the land and the vines to celebrate champagne. Accompanied on the piano by the virtuoso Sofiane Pamart, the duo captivates and moves us with their music of words.

Like poetry, the words, so touching and true, transport us to the very heart of Champagne's know-how. This remarkable authenticity captures the essence of the harvest, that culmination of a year’s long hard work in a moment of great excitement and activity in an intense yet joyful atmosphere.

It is a true ode to the land of Champagne and the men and women who are committed to it.  

"We wanted to pay tribute to the work of our winegrowers and honour what makes champagne different. This seemed particularly important to us at this very difficult time.”
Clothilde Chauvet
The Vice-President for the Marne at the Syndicat Général des Vignerons de la Champagne

Take this glass
Filled with bubbles
Filled with love
Let me tell you about
Those who made it In a small corner of the vineyard
The bent backs
From mother to daughter
From father to son
From brother to brother
Weaving on the earth
Rows of greenery
As if to paint the world
To bring out
Thousands of golden bubbles
To pass on secrets,
To drink in the words of the grandfather
And see his two work-worn hands
Dive deep into the earth
With his age-old gesture