Once upon a time... Gosset

Sep 16, 2020 • 4 mins

Dating back over four hundred years, Champagne Gosset has only ever known two different families at the helm. In 1993, the Gosset family sold its share of the business to the Cointreau family. This began a new chapter in its history which, once again, looks set to last. 

At Gosset, we made “wine from Champagne” before making “Champagne”, and we still consider ourselves to be “winemakers”.

According to the authoritative Jean Nollevalle, director of the general union of Champagne Winemakers (Syndicat général des vignerons de Champagne) for thirty years, Champagne could very easily have been called “Aÿ Wine”. Here in this important village of 4,000 inhabitants, situated on the banks of the river Marne, five minutes from Épernay and Hautvillers, the Pinot Noir reigns supreme. Today, 100% of the vineyard area is classified as Grand Cru. In 1584, Pierre Gosset sold his wine here as a négociant. It was here where the first sparkling wines were produced, maintains Jean Nollevalle, a claim vigorously refuted by the exegetes of Hautvillers, which speak only of Dom Pérignon, monk and cellar master at the neighbouring abbey.

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