Champagne for your New Year’s celebrations

Dec 28, 2020 • 7 mins

What better way to celebrate a New Year full of hope, promise and new resolutions than with a glass of champagne?

Whether you are spending New Year's with your other half or in the company of a few others, you will find the perfect bubbly with which to celebrate the arrival of 2021 from our selection below: 


For New Year's Eve with your other half

Champagne Lanson Brut Rosé

If you like luscious, fruity and flavoursome rosés, then this champagne is a pretty safe bet. It has a big fruity character and just a hint of softness defining its body and length.

Price: around 36 €  


To celebrate some good news with the family

Champagne Thiénot « La Vigne aux Gamins » Extra-Brut 2008

This is an outstanding single-varietal, single-vineyard champagne for laying down and it is from a fabulous year. It is a big, powerful champagne with an almost brazen character. Raring to go in the glass, it is impetuous and lively, like a feisty stallion. Crack open this champagne now to help shake off that bad dream!

Price: around 120 € 


For the return of the well-heeled cousin from the U.S.A. 

Champagne Bollinger « RD » Extra-Brut 2004

Bollinger is a very special Champagne House. Craftsmanship and savoir-faire are the hallmarks of its champagnes. This one is like a warp in time and space: it takes you straight back to 2004, whilst remaining in the current day. This is the "Recently Disgorged" effect on a polished champagne from a feisty vintage with great ageing potential. It also shows the general effect of a recent disgorgement that reinvigorates the whole. It is an extraordinarily harmonious marriage of vinosity and tension. A very, very fine Bollinger. One of the very best RDs around.

Price: around 250 € 


To crack open with party-going friends

Champagne Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé

Billecart is a party, it's a moment of joy, it's a blast of fresh air on your taste buds. Yes, we really, really like this Champagne House which never succumbs to the latest fads and fashions. It stands like the custodian of the temple of champagnes that quench your thirst and whet your appetite. This Rosé with heavenly fruity raspberry flavours is proof of this.

Price: around 63 € 


For a New Year’s meal with loved ones

Champagne Drappier « La Grande Sendrée » Brut Rosé 2010

From very chalky plots currently undergoing conversion to organic growing comes this Grande Sendrée in a "rosé de saignée" version. We love its very fine and seductive definition of the Pinot Noir. On the nose, it is a basket of crunchy red fruit complemented by a few floral notes. Stone fruit, curry and sweet spices complete the magnificent tableau.

Price: around 82 € 


For a gastronomic New Year's Eve

Champagne De Sousa Les Caudalies Brut Rosé Grand Cru

Chalk, chalk and almost nothing else but, save for the biodynamically-managed Grands Crus terroirs (Avize and Aÿ) and the barrel ageing. The rest is the result of talent that has created a lovely taut wine strewn with notes of red berries such as raspberries and lovely juicy cherries. It reveals the power of a vine that digs deep down into its saline soil.

Price: around 59€ 


To enjoy with the people you love

Champagne Pierre Gimonnet Brut Extra Premier Cru

Once again with Gimonnet, we notice this delicate sensation of an evanescent champagne, which nevertheless creates the impression of dry extract on the palate. It has concentration with depth and a very pleasant lemony length infused with lovely crisp bubbles.

Price: around 32.50 € 


For an aperitif

Champagne Tsarine Brut Rosé

This champagne with its remarkable packaging (striated bottle) is one you can always fall back on and is perfect for those who like softness balanced by a lovely tangy freshness of citrus fruit and raspberries. The finish is long and mouth-watering.

Price: around 36 € 


To pair with red meat

Champagne Yann Alexandre « Blanches Terres » Brut Rosé

This champagne is an ode to red fruit and old roses. Its wonderfully precise and fine bouquet gradually opens up after aeration, going from cherry to curry to pear. The palate is equally good: it is balanced by a rich, vinous yet very fresh sensation.

Price: around 38€ 


To serve with your party meals

Champagne Joseph Perrier « Cuvée Royale » Brut Nature

This champagne with a 2003 vintage wine base and preserved in the cellar for 72 months is a firm favourite. Its notes of rose, incense and truffle are absolutely incredible and its saline palate is bursting with freshness and citrus fruit. The finish stretches out endlessly and reveals a very elegant trace of bitterness.

Price: 38 € 


For an epicurean experience

Champagne Boizel « Ultime » Extra Brut

This is a champagne of a very high standard. First of all, for its rendition of Pinot Noir (50% of the blend) with lovely red berries and tasty, juicy and succulent cherries. Then for its wonderfully fine and lively bubbles. This wine is lovely and polished yet still very dynamic.

Price: around 58 € 


For New Year’s celebrations with the family

Champagne Fleury « Sonate » Brut 2012 organic

This is a very rare biodynamic champagne that does not use any sulphur during any of the winemaking process. The result is sublime. The fruit is brought to the fore with great precision yet without austerity. This is an 80% Pinot Noir champagne delicately flavoured with roses and cherries and complemented by raspberry and juicy pear. The Chardonnay adds some more floral notes. Its finesse and delicate saline length make this is an outstanding champagne.

Price: around 60€ 


For a fun and festive New Year's Eve

Champagne Le Brun de Neuville « L’Autre Côte » Blanc de Blancs

This is a Blanc de Blancs just the way we like them, frisky and lively, whetting the appetite and making you want to party all night long. This is a joyous champagne with creamy bubbles bursting on the palate, setting off the citrus fruit, salinity and a depth that expresses itself without any trace of heaviness over the palate. Well done!

Price: around 23 €