Champagne Carbon, behind the winning strategy

Jun 2, 2021 • 5 mins
Assistante chef de projet

“Unique” and “daring” are the first words that spring to mind when we think of the

Carbon Champagne House.

At the meeting point between tradition and revolution, this Champagne House

founded by Alexandre Mea shows a different side to champagne, a new approach to

drinking and perceiving it. Although far removed from the traditional, rather

conservative image of a Champagne House, Champagne Carbon is nonetheless

amongst the most prestigious. It beckons us into its world, paradoxically eccentric

and driven by a passion for traditional savoir-faire.

Today I am inviting you to join me on a journey into the heart of a Champagne

House unlike any other. Are you sure you’re ready for this?

Stepping off the beaten track to follow one’s own path

It’s not easy to establish oneself in a market where you have such iconic leaders.

When we think of champagne, the brands that first spring to mind have several

centuries of history behind them. Moët et Chandon, for example, was founded in

1743 and has nourished the souls of some of the world’s greatest leaders

(Napoleon’s champagne of choice was the Moët Impérial!). Whereas Champagne

Carbon dates back to just… 2016.

And yet its youth is precisely what gives it its strength! The Champagne House has

succeeded in going beyond the boundaries of tradition, shaking up the established

order in Champagne and firmly establishing its reputation. It aims to surprise (or dare

I say, shock!) champagne lovers in its role as pioneer within a sometimes

conservative industry.

“But how?” you may ask, and to be honest I asked myself the same question at first.

The Champagne House has made boldness its ethos and it is from this that it draws

its strength of character and holds its own amongst the competition. It is about being

liberated and challenging conventions.

Its contemporary bottle is hand coated in carbon fibre, hence the Champagne

House’s name. This process is a technological innovation yet also remains a closely

guarded secret. Well, a magician wouldn’t give away his magic tricks to the

audience, would he? Carbon represents the dual nature of this champagne, a

combination of traditional savoir-faire and an innovative vision brought to life by

avant-garde technology.

A champagne worthy of champagne lovers…

Champagne Carbon is destined for a very special group of consumers, those who

enjoy living in the fast lane. It is a champagne for those seeking originality, those

who wish to challenge conventions wherever they are in the world.

Its aim is to combine tradition with disruption and the first step in the process was to

create a champagne of exceptional quality. Alexandre Mea was born into a family

with over 200 years of wine producing history to its name and the traditions of

champagne are part and parcel of the family’s identity. By coupling their history and

traditions with a forward-thinking vision and cutting edge carbon bottle, they have

succeeded in striking a balance between past traditions and a contemporary vision.

The champagne’s creator likens the bottle to Formula 1 racing (to which it is also the

official supplier) owing to the use of carbon, a material that perfectly reflects the

ambivalent nature of both.

La boutique? Oh, do speak in English, please! This Champagne House is aimed at

champagne lovers from the four corners of the Earth, a strategy that has helped to

build its reputation internationally. It represents a contemporary approach to drinking,

a festive champagne created with Epicureans in mind. It stands for new experiences,

enriching encounters, celebrations and memorable moments shared with our loved

ones. Luxurious indeed but by no means conservative or stuffy!

Champagne lovers can also create an account on the website which gives them a

sense of belonging to this ‘new luxury world’, a world that reinforces this new mode

of champagne consumption.

The mantra here is ‘balance’. The Maison has crafted an exceptionally harmonious

champagne, carefully blended with almost mathematical precision.

… creators of new modern luxury.

Luxury brands such as Bugatti stand not only for technology and revolution but also

for a deep love and respect for tradition and hand-crafted products.

For every occasion, there is the perfect bottle of champagne to match, the promise

of unrivalled luxury for whoever is lucky enough to drink it.

With the creation of a new champagne that pays homage to the Bugatti Chiron,

Champagne Carbon is essentially creating excellence within excellence. A car as

unique and exceptional as this Champagne House. A Blanc de Blanc as rare and

luxurious as the Chiron itself.

Yet this is not the only champagne on offer! The House has also created two very

different rosé champagnes, the pink and the dark. The pink is bright and flamboyant

with eccentric photos and a decidedly ‘girly’ feel to it, whilst the dark shows a more

sensual and subdued edge with its minimalist design. The Champagne House has a

champagne to suit every occasion, whether it be a first date, an evening with friends

or the most extravagant of parties.

What better word to describe this champagne than daring? Daring to combine a

clean, pure style with the bright colours of a Bugatti, daring to dismantle traditional

codes and daring to use contrasts. I doubt that daring to drink it will prove too much

of a hardship though…