Champagne and barbecues: our perfect pairings

Jun 18, 2021 • 4 mins

The sun is shining, the heat is making us thirsty and the lovely warm weather is making us want to get together outside with our loved ones. Yes, summer is upon us and if there’s one thing we all agree on it’s that the summer season is barbecue season.

Champagne is becoming more widely accepted as a wine to enjoy with food. So why not take a break from the usual red and rosé still wines and serve a champagne with your steak instead? So, you’re probably wondering which champagnes are best suited to barbecued foods? Well make yourself comfortable, imagine yourself lighting those coals and read our pairing suggestions for inspiration. Barbecues have never tasted so good!

But first, let me ask you… What do you fancy barbecuing?

White meats

Janisson-Baradon, Premier Cru George Baradon Extra-Brut 2013

If you tasted this champagne with your eyes closed, you could mistake it for a rosé with its delicately vinous texture and fruity notes. This impressive champagne shows a rich and intense structure yet without so much as a hint of heaviness. Dates, vanilla and honey intertwine with apricots and freshly baked pastries… an incredible champagne with no sulphur dioxide and an elegantly lush character. Enjoy served with barbecued chicken skewers marinaded in wild garlic or honey.

Pierre Baillette,  Coeur de craie de Verzenay, Extra Brut 

A luscious, tasty and joyful champagne. With its notes of zesty red fruit, peonies and even a touch of spice, this immensely pleasurable wine has it all. This delectable champagne is the ideal partner for barbecued chicken marinated in confit lemon.

Fish and seafood

Alain Couvreur, Brut Rosé

Intensely flavoured and coloured rosés with loads of lovely plump fruit have (only very recently) been back in fashion and it’s a very good thing too! Yet these wines need to well crafted so that their slight bitter side remains subtle, which is certainly the case for this champagne. It stretches out on the palate with a perfect balance between fleshiness and bitterness. It would pair beautifully with a dish of grilled squid stuffed with feta cheeseand peppers.

Deutz, La Côte Glacière Pinot Noir Parcelle d'Aÿ, Blanc de Noirs Brut 2012

La Côte Glacière is a Blanc de Noirs single-vineyard selection wine that comes from Aÿ and is simply outstanding. The 2012 is elegant with a lovely density, a solid backbone and a chewy texture underpinned by notes of Souchong tea. The palate reveals floral notes, citrus fruit, excellent tension and a sensation of sea spray. The distinctive chalkiness in the background gives it its firm structure. It would work beautifully with fish and seafood or a grilled lobster starter.

Red meats

Vincent Couche,  Rosé désir, Extra-brut

A delectable, luscious wine with juicy cherry aromas. Zesty notes of citrus fruit and lemongrass dominate the palate before giving way to a soft and saline mouthfeel with lingering notes of pomegranate on the finish. Both lively and tasty, this is a remarkably well made organic wine with no additives. Perfect served alongside a rib-eye steak in herb butter.

Mumm, Cordon Rosé, Brut 

This champagne’s deep hue is the first indication of a rich and particularly fruity wine with a spicy backdrop. It is a deliciously autumnal and intense champagne with a strong character that sets it apart from the usual rosés. We also love the beautifully presented bottle. A wine for Epicureans and the perfect choice for a juicy T-bone steak.

Pink meats

Rosé de Mailly, Brut 

Wondering what to serve with veal chops marinated in apricots? This beautiful rosé is the perfect choice with its glistening deep yellow hue and exceptional freshness. All Mailly Grand cru champagnes state the disgorgement date. This one was disgorged 10 months ago and has retained its exceptional freshness, lively character and aromatic precision. The creamy bubbles bring sensuality to the palate, as well as a soft, generous fruitiness.

So, all that remains is for you to light those coals and get the barbecue going! We’ve given you our pairing suggestions now the rest is down to you!