UV Boosting: treating the vines with UV light

Apr 28, 2021 • 1 min

Created in 2016, UV Boosting is a French company that designs equipment to stimulate the natural defences of plants using flashes of UV light, thus reducing the use of fungicides in the vineyards.

Dumont France Cave, a Champagne-based company, distributes UV Boosting in the Marne and Aisne departments.

UV Boosting, a clean and easy-to-implement procedure

UV Boosting has developed tools that are easy to set up and use without making the winegrowers’ work more complicated. The company provides equipment that can be adapted to different interline or straddler tractors. A variety of solutions allow the treatment to be adapted to each type of row structure through a hydraulic setting. The power take-off delivers the power required for the treatment via a generator supplied by UV Boosting.

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