"Ultralight", Lehmann's new technology for wine tasting

May 17, 2021 • 2 mins
Team Grappers

Lehmann is a French brand of glassware specialising in tasting glasses with a mission to respect and reflect the painstaking work of the winemaker. A Lehmann glass tells the story of the wine it contains and smoothly orchestrates the different steps of the wine tasting process. They say it is so light you could almost forget it is there!

The ultimate in lightness with Ultralight

After two years R&D, Lehmann is unveiling its new range of glasses using "Ultralight" technology. Ultralight is an extremely thin glass combined with great lightness and which applies to both hand-blown and machine-blown models.

"With the finesse of the Ultralight, the glass almost disappears leaving a magnified aromatic expression." 
Matthieu Bouatta
Managing Director of Lehmann

The company designs its Signature Collections in collaboration with top professionals from the world of gastronomy and the wine and spirits industry, capturing their style and philosophy in the glasses’ designs.

These collections bear names that are well known to us here in Champagne: Arnaud Lallement, Philippe Jamesse, Fabrice Sommier, and very recently Gérard Basset, a tribute to the Best Sommelier in the World and co-founder of the brand.

Plenty of new things happening…

With the recent inauguration of a private showroom and launch of an e-commerce website, Lehmann has decided to open its doors to the general public and no longer just sell its glassware to professionals. These iconic glasses are now available to all glassware lovers and fans of the French ‘art of living’.

"Each collection has its own style, tells a story and interprets a vision of tasting."                  
Clémence Roche
Marketing Manager of Lehmann

New collection, new technology and a new image

Lehmann has undergone a complete facelift. The orange brand colour has become more reddy and bright (like their glasses), the logo has adopted a serif typography, and there is a new website and classy new showroom: Lehmann intends to be at the forefront of the premiumisation and innovation in the wines and spirits industry.

You can find all the Signature collections in the Lehmann showroom located at 20, Boulevard Lundy in Reims, where you can either let yourself be tempted into buying or simply drool over the gorgeous glassware. Spoiler alert: I couldn't resist.

Open Monday to Friday from 4 pm to 7 pm or by appointment.