TUTOFI, the new training stake, Made in France

Oct 21, 2021 • 1 min
Assistante chef de projet

Sparflex has been established in Épernay in the heart of the Champagne region since 1984. Its speciality? The design and production of packaging elements champagne caps, wire cages and capsules destined for champagne, wines, spirits and other prestigious beverages. 

Sparflex has joined forces with the "Replace" company based in the Lorraine region, which recycles post-industrial waste, and the "La Compagnie des Agrafes à Vigne" company in the Aube department, which specialises in the design, development, production and marketing of trellising staples and training stakes for young vines.

Together the three companies have launched "Tutofi", the entirely French-made training stake made from post-industrial waste. In short, “Sparflex” is the supplier of the industrial waste, “Replace” the processor and “La Compagnie des Agrafes à Vigne” the distributor.

But what exactly is a training stake?

A training stake is a support that helps the young vine plant to take hold and root well, despite the wind and other elements. Once the vine is well established, the stake is no longer of any use and can even be harmful to the vine.

An eco-friendly approach

Sparflex is committed to an eco-friendly approach by recycling its industrial waste. The company plans to supply 220 tonnes of material per year, which will be used to manufacture 2.5 million training stakes. Since May, 70,000 training stakes have been sold, an indication that winegrowers are becoming more and more intent on sustainable viticulture. These new French-made stakes prevent the importation of parasites and diseases into the soil. Amazing, right?