Traxx, the single-row straddle robot

Jan 6, 2022 • 1 min
Assistante chef de projet

Robots in the vineyard are nothing new. But what is new is TRAXX, the compact, single-row straddle (high clearance) robot that facilitates ploughing and spraying in narrow row vineyards?

The start of an ambitious project

The company behind the new machine is EXEL Industries, an international group with an innovation-focused strategy (well no surprise there!). EXXACT Robotics, one of its subsidiaries specialising in high precision agricultural solutions, decided to innovate with a specific objective in mind: to design and provide winegrowers with sustainable technological solutions to expedite the evolution of technology within the winegrowing world.

Built for success

TRAXX is a robot that is managed by an ergonomic remote control. The robot's trajectory along a pre-plotted GPS route is accurate to the centimetre. To give you an idea of its size, the robot measures 3.10 m x 1.46 m and is 1.75 m high. With its 1,300 kilos (without tools), the robot is designed to operate in narrow row vineyards such as those commonly found in Bordeaux, Burgundy and, of course, the Champagne region! And it is not put off by slopes or inclines! Its performance is advertised as up to 6 km/h, 40% slope, 15% incline, a 60-litre fuel tank and over 10 hours of autonomy. All of which should get our winegrowing friends pretty excited!

Multiple benefits

With its autonomous mode as well as its sensors, anti-collision bumpers and lidars (laser imaging detection and ranging), TRAXX ensures your employees’ safety and simplifies the everyday work in the vineyards.

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