Transform your empty bottles with Dion'iso

Jun 23, 2021 • 2 mins
Team Grappers

Do you have some beautiful empty bottles of Champagne lying around at home and you don't know what to do with them? You don't want to get rid of them, but you don't want to display an empty bottle either? Look no further! Dion'iso is the perfect solution for you: transform your bottles into glasses or a vase courtesy of this Reims-based company…

The Dion'iso story

Behind Dion'iso is a dynamic duo: Giuseppe, who created the concept, and Alexandre, an engineer and craftsman.

Giuseppe came up with the idea of Dion'iso on an afternoon like any other. As he was looking at his empty wine bottles lying around, he thought that he must be able to use them to create something nice, something better. He contacted Alexandre and explained that he wanted to transform these empty bottles into something else instead of just throwing them out.

It was over a glass of wine, of course, that they developed the idea. In just a few weeks, after some research and testing, Guiseppe and Alexandre put the concept into practice!

But why the name "Dion'iso"?

The explanation is simple. Dion'iso takes its name from the Greek god Dionysus, god of wine and the vine. What better name for a company that turns empty wine bottles into decorative objects?

But why "’iso" and not "’yso"? Well, Iso apparently refers to the sensitivity of light in photography.

Dion'iso and Magasin Libre

You can find Dion'Iso at the entrance to Magasin Libre (Avenue Brébant entrance), next to Champ'Garden by Grappers in Reims. The bonus? If you buy and finish a bottle of champagne from the Champagne bar, you can take it directly to Dion'iso so that they can transform it into glasses or a vase, whatever you fancy!

Magasin Libre is open from Thursday to Sunday, from 5 June to 19 September.

If you want to give it a try, you can also find Dion'iso in 4 outlets, in Reims, Villers-Allerand, Verzy, and Saint-Memmie.

PS: at Dion'iso the glasses and vases are handmade.