This festive season, there’s something for everyone!

Dec 22, 2020 • 8 mins

Finding the perfect Christmas gift or the right wine to take to a dinner party is never easy... Every year, it's the same old problem. But this year, Grappers is making things a bit easier for you…

Whether you’re after a wine for your mum-in-law who’s rather fond of rosé, your brother who’s a bit of a wine buff, or your nephew who doesn't know a thing about it but likes it anyway... Our selection has something for everyone! 

For your bit of a wine-buff brother

Champagne Ayala "N°7" Brut 2007

7 represents 2007 and the blending of 7 Grands Crus. It took 13 years to soften the character of this wine of unusual intensity. The great terroirs have spoken with depth, length and energy. This is an impressive champagne that has mellowed over the years and now reveals a fabulous mixture of elegance, “pulpiness” and stewed fruit.

Price: around 70€ 


For your favourite work chum

Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte Blanc de Blancs 2012

With its white fruit, citrus peel, salinity and dynamism, this vintage Blanc de Blancs is a finely crafted champagne. It also exudes gorgeous floral and spicy aromas.

Price: around 40€ 


For the love of your life

Champagne Besserat de Bellefon « Cuvée des Moines » Blanc de Blancs

We love this Champagne House which produces some fabulous bubbly! Here we have a deep and finely-crafted wine. This Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs is a champagne with substance, fullness and lovely aromas of yellow fruit, flowers and citrus.

Price: around 48€ 


For your in-laws

Champagne Gosset « Célébris » 2007 Extra-Brut

I don't know about you, but I can’t help smiling when I open a bottle of Gosset. The Champagne House’s director, Odilon de Varine, makes champagnes to offer pleasure. Gosset is always an elegant indulgence. Even as an Extra-Brut, it has you drooling over its ultra-precise fruit (as is often the case) and joyful bubbles. Dried fruit, citrus, salinity and much more...

Price: around 140 € 


For the true connoisseur

Champagne Henri Giraud « Esprit Nature » Brut

This rich champagne is packed with ripe fruit and has a lovely, well-structured concentration. Its style is part vinous, part tension and freshness. This is a gastronomic champagne whose lovely bitters allow it to pair well with numerous dishes.

Price: around 35 €  


For your father or son

Champagne Veuve Fourny & Fils Premier Cru « Les Monts de Vertus » Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut 2014

Once again, we have this strange yet agreeable sensation of soft fruit, great salinity and freshness. Vineyard peaches, linden, sweet almonds and curry are accompanied by a touch of spice against a saline backdrop.

Price: around 45 € 


For you (after a break-up)

Champagne Deutz « Amour de Deutz » Brut Rosé 2009

This champagne is generously and perceptibly chewy with a lovely array of red fruit and a bouquet of flowers. It is delightfully graceful, showing personality and salinity. This is a long wine that shows both a seductive character and a refined elegance carried by a fine, savoury structure with a hint of noble bitterness.

Price: around 170 € 


For your niece who knows a bit about wine

Champagne Delamotte Blanc de Blancs

An archetype, the very essence of the Mesnil-sur-Oger terroir (it's also a Grand Cru but they don't mention it on the label). This terroir produces clean, saline and chalky wines with powerful elegance. The nose reveals notes of Souchong tea, toasted bread and citrus. The palate is precise, firm and structured by a long-lasting, mouthwatering savoury sensation with lingering notes of white pepper.

Price: around 42 € 


To impress the connoisseur cousin (without breaking the bank)

Champagne Philipponnat « Royale Réserve » Blanc, Non Dosé

This champagne possesses a lovely discreet and refined presence against a backdrop of citrus, flowers and delicate spices. We love the notes of saffron and rose with a hint of acacia honey. The palate is saline, dense and agreeably fresh. The wine’s endless length sets off the chalk and white pepper.

Price: around 37€ 


For that group of friends who always show up without warning  

Champagne Beaugrand Brut Rosé

I love Montgeux, near Troyes, where the Champagne Beaugrand vineyards are located. The wines here can be powerful or subtle depending on the area. This rosé, with its assertive fruit and very saline and deep palate, is a combination of both. The dosage ties the whole together resulting in a lovely soft and seductive rosé champagne.

Price: around 35 € 


For your fiancée

Champagne A.R. Lenoble Blanc de Noirs Extra-Brut 2013

Vinous wines with substance, richness and depth are far too rare. A.R. Lenoble is an expert in the field as this well-polished champagne with hints of soft pastry and red fruit goes to show. The salinity, structure and chalk add energy to a remarkable balance.

Price: around 52 € 


For your connoisseur uncle

Champagne Jacquesson « 743 » Extra-Brut

A (very) great wine first and foremost. The bubbles are delicate, frisky and joyful. What chewiness, what depth and complexity! This champagne is a festival of white and yellow fruits, bergamot, aniseed, flowers and citrus with a touch of spice thrown in for good measure. The palate is deliciously indulgence, like a juicy fruit pepped up by salinity and freshness. This champagne simply makes you happy :-)

Price: around 50 € 


For someone special in your life

Champagne Pol Roger « Pure » Extra Brut

The first sip of this intimate wine, that instantly becomes part of you, is an incredible sensation. It is a “vegetal ode” of great palatability. The salinity appears over the length of the wine accompanied by fragrances of medlar, delicate roses and blood oranges over a finely-drawn chalky structure.

Price: around 50€  


For your nearest and dearest

Champagne Louis Roederer Vintage 2013

The Roederer style, a pursuit of purity and generosity, is bang-on as usual! This very Pinot Noir-style champagne shows restraint, discretion and elegance. There’s nothing over-exuberant yet the aromas are complex (orchard fruit, spices, citrus, cherries, delicate floral notes, honey, etc.). The palate is in the same elegant style, deep but with tension and bubbles of remarkable finesse.

Price: around 60 € 


For the wine-buff uncle

Champagne Mumm « RSRV Blanc de Noirs » Grand Cru 2012

This champagne has a lovely thirst-quenching freshness yet also possesses a fine vinosity. The whole remains very lofty and joyful with just the right amount of substance and seriousness. It is a real wine with chewiness and good length. We love the marriage of the salinity with the chalk, and the explosion of luscious, festive fruit.

Price: around 50€ 


For a close friend

Champagne Perrier Jouët « Blason » Rosé

With its fruity and chalky character, this fine quality champagne possesses charm as well as elegance. We adore the explosion of fruit, the mouth-watering and luscious sensation. Its particularly long, saline and slightly spicy length, make this a rosé of character.

Price: around 60€