The Maison des Aulnois : prestige and discreet elegance in Pierry

Sep 15, 2020 • 2 mins

Who would have guessed that, behind the high walls with the white gates on Rue du Général de Gaulle, which runs through Pierry just after Épernay, stands one of the loveliest buildings in the whole of the Marne region? The Maison des Aulnois was acquired by Henriot in 2014 and is the epitome of discreet elegance, just like the champagne house itself.

The Maison des Aulnois in Pierry is often referred to as “a magnificent example of the home of a wealthy Champagne wine grower”. Since the 18th century, a succession of wine merchant and winemaker owners have left their mark on this lovely building and strived to preserve its beauty in order to pass it on to future generations.

Their efforts have paid off and we are still able to admire the remarkably well-preserved mural fresco in the listed “Métamorphoses” octagonal drawing room which depicts mythological scenes from Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

The house was originally built for winemaking purposes in 1778 and its cellars are now used to age Champagne Henriot’s most prestigious champagnes and a collection of rare vintages, the company’s pride and joy. An ancient wine press also sits proudly under the beautiful wooden frame of the building adjacent to the main courtyard now used as a reception area.

The French formal garden

Since acquiring the property in 2014 and restoring its original charm, Maison Henriot has transformed the premises into a prestigious venue for the reception of VIPs, customers and importers. It is also used to host events, in the property’s beautiful French formal garden. When viewed from the belvedere overlooking them, the garden’s geometric avenues lined with yew trees, a classified historical monument since 1986, even appear to form the letter ‘H’ for Henriot. A coincidence maybe, but nonetheless a reflection of the discreet elegance of both Champagne Henriot and the Maison des Aulnois.