The domain Les Crayeres, classicism and relaxation

Sep 17, 2020 • 3 mins

The Relais & Châteaux’s touch is here, confident, with a mix of romanticism and light modernity. At Les Crayères, the two restaurants, as well as each room of the hotel are etched with an authentic soul and serenity, nestled in a gorgeous green setting.

The discreet charm of famous houses imposes itself to visitors right away. Past the seven hectare park, from which one can see a huge manicured lawn bordered with tall trees, doors open wide and two young women, wearing a sober black costume and a white shirt, welcome the visitor with a large smile on their face.

Welcome to Les Crayères, an estate founded in 1904 by the Marchioness of Polignac, and which has become, thanks to the Gardinier family(1) one of the region’s most emblematic houses. The name Les Crayères comes from the underground tunnels on which the hotel was built. It has twenty different rooms and two restaurants. All rooms are marked with the seal of refinement.

The dining hall "Le Parc", a gastronomic restaurant (as opposed to the dining room "Le Jardin", closer to a bistro-like atmosphere), releases a Belle Époque atmosphere, shown by its monumental chandelier and large paintings. Its gray/beige colors shed a salutary light on a venue entirely oriented toward elegance: however, a small, almost imperceptible restraint is present. It can be spotted in the way the table service personnel pours a creamy bourgeoise sauce, helping themselves with a transparent tea pot, over an entrée made of eggs from the Perthès farm, baby spinach, saffron flavored potatoes and smoked haddock.

Philippe Mille, Bocuse d’Europe and Best Craftsman of France (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) obtained two "macarons" (the equivalent of stars) at les Crayères in 2011 and 2012. Quiet and modest, Mille uses the best products to create new meals, looking for a quintessence in each of his new creation. His talent, added to the efficiency of his team, gives birth to a genuine cuisine in which each associated flavour has a meaning. A "classique chic" meaning, revisited with a vital touch of audacity and true modernity.

References of Champagne in the Cellar

At Les Crayères, glasses bear the name of the former head wine-waiter, Philippe Jamesse. Conceived with the Lhemann Glass contest, it is in an appropriate rounded glass, with a perfect diameter, narrowing towards the top, that visitors can taste one of the 700 references available in the cellars (70% come from Champagne Houses, 30% from winemakers).

(1) Thierry, Laurent and Stéphane Gardinier, knows as the ownees of the Phélan-Ségur castle, located in Saint-Estèphe, also owners, inspite of Les Crayères, la Maison Taillevent (Le Taillevent, the Cellars and Les 110 in Paris, Beyrouth and London) and orange groves in Florida.