The City of Champagne

Sep 16, 2020 • 2 mins

A must-see destination inaugurated on October 2015, the City of Champagne is home to the COGEVI House, the oldest winemaking cooperative in Champagne known today as champagne COLLET, alongside its 19th century cellars, the Musée des métiers du champagne and its journey through the vines on the Aÿ hillsides, and Villa Collet which hosts cultural events all year round.

The COGEVI Cooperative House

The COGEVI Cooperative House, dedicated to the cooperative’s history from its very beginnings in 1921, is a unique museum which goes beyond the world of champagne to include historic, social, political and economic themes. Following the path through time, the visitor travels through the century and understands the fundamental changes which have governed the world since the First World War. In the hundred-year-old cellars beneath the Maison, a Wine Library nearly 200 metres long is home to 40,000 bottles which retrace the history of the Maison alongside the great men and vintages that forged its reputation.

Museum of Champagne's work crafts

As an open book about champagne, the museum invites visitors to understand the secrets about the craftsmanship requirements to grow vines and make wine, through a unique collection of tools and incredible staging. A modern layout helps explain the techniques and complex expertise of a group of passionate artisans. Access to a journey through the vines takes the visitor from the bottom of the cellars to the top of the Aÿ hillsides which since 2015 have been listed as UNESCO world heritage sites. At the foot of “essors”, these tall red brick chimneys dominate the village and allow the air to circulate through the cellars.

A true journey through time, amongst the vines in the heart and though the most famous AOC in the world, discovering the people, the land, the wines and the craft of Champagne. This is the experience the Cité du Champagne offers you, which we bring to life throughout the year with concerts, events and exhibitions.
Arthur Carpentier
Director of the Cité de Champagne

The Villa Collet

Raoul Collet, the emblematic director of the Champagne House, has made Villa Collet his home. Renovated in 2014, it is now a reminder of an era time in history, a state of mind and above all a lifestyle. A fine illustration of the roaming twenties and Art Deco, the Villa offers a cultural and aesthetic journey which sublimely combines Art and Champagne. With rooms full of curiosities, from one floor to the next, different worlds follow each other and express the different facets of Raoul Collet’s personality, in particular his taste for travel, science and nature, combined with the world of Champagne and its symbolism. Four types of art are presented there, in particular haute couture and photography, gastronomy and lithography, matter and sculpture, cabaret and the performing arts. On the lower ground floor, a 160m² hall hosts temporary exhibitions accompanied by conference. The garden is a venue for concerts and other summer events.