Tasting notebook - Fine discoveries from Pierre Guigui

Sep 25, 2020 • 6 mins

Pierre Guigui shares with us his discoveries following a tasting of winegrowers' champagnes organized with the aim of unearthing new Champagne nuggets.

Champagne Pierre Trichet

Rich and round

“All of my wines have an intense nose. If they did not have these aromas, I simply wouldn’t bottle them” says Pierre Trichet. “I like round wines that leave a lasting impression. I prefer fruit over minerality, the smell of a basket of fresh fruits”. He has achieved just that with the cuvée La Puissance, a 100% Pinot Noir from Verzy that offers an explosion of aromas. It is powerful yet also very, very succulent. Less so for the cuvée L’Héritage, however, which is more elegant, lively and taut. A floral wine, so subtle that it shows us that Pierre Trichet has more than one string to his bow…

Premier cru Blanc de Blancs Brut
Put on your sunglasses! This is a luminous wine, sparkling with thousands of iridescent bubbles. It is well-honed, invigorating, dynamic and cheerful with a saline finish and hints of lime, anise and gentian. It is as invigorating as a breath of mountain air.

100% Pinot noir de Verzy
“A concentrate of personality, charm and precision, I’m sure this wine will seduce gourmet champagne lovers”, Pierre Trichet. What more is there to say? Only that the palate is creamy, fruity, succulent, sensual even. The perfect champagne for declaring one’s flame to a sweetheart.


Champagne Roger Barnier

100% MEUNIER (left)
Vinifié en Fût
What an excellent idea to put Meunier in barrel! This grape is known for its softness and its smooth, fleshy character and the barrel brings it a very well-balanced structure and weave. Lovely notes of smoky tea, yellow fruit and a hint of vanilla. Why not cellar-age it for a bit longer?

Millésime 2012
Whoa, this wine is flexing its muscles and playing the matador. This 2012 is feisty and a bit of a brute. It’s chewy, sappy and incredibly long on the palate. It shows a slightly oriental exuberance with notes of spice, resin, old rose and heady flowers against an apricot backdrop.

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