Setting the scene of desire

Sep 14, 2020 • 2 mins

Coupes, glasses and flutes have each played their part in how this addictive beverage is enjoyed. The beauty of the glass and the quality of its contents have fought each other for many years before finally being reconciled. After all it is a short distance from glass to lips...

Because it was, without any doubt, moulded on the breast of Madame de Pompadour, the coupe is still the glass we like to show off (and raise to our lips), a sign of wealth that was the height of fashion in the roaring twenties. The most elegant women alternated between feathers, rhinestones and sequins when they weren’t sporting a tomboy haircut and elegant simplicity of the little black Coco Chanel dress.

A catalyst for limitless pleasure, the coupe was aristocratic and well-established in its time whilst the flute is resolutely modern. You only needed two fingers to hold it. The foot of the glass tells its own story...easy and quick to pick up for those beginning their training in this precious beverage with its attributed thousand and one virtues. Coupe enthusiasts and flute defenders fell out regularly, both convinced that never the twain shall meet.

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