Rosé champagne for Valentine's Day

Jan 28, 2021 • 6 mins

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and everything's coming up Rosés! For those of you who have decided not to spend the evening watching the footie and instead want to score a few points with their beloved or their latest squeeze, here is a selection of 9 Rosé Champagnes, hand-picked for you by our budding seducer, Pierre Guigui!


For a declaration of love

Champagne Gosset « Petite Douceur » Extra-Dry Rosé

I don't know about you, but I can’t help smiling when I open a bottle of Gosset. The Champagne House’s director, Odilon de Varine, makes champagnes to provide pleasure. Gosset is an elegant indulgence. Clever old Odilon bottles a champagne of irresistible delicacy, refined vinosity, lightness and depth. It's like a froth of happiness with that touch of salinity that balances the whole against a backdrop of exotic fruit, orange blossom and raspberries too....

Enjoy… on a sweet-savory kitchen or with oriental cakes

Price : around 55€


For an intimate tête-à-tête

Champagne Apollonis « Théodorine » Brut Rosé

Delicacy doesn’t mean weakness... The proof is in this energetic and complex champagne with floral and red berry aromas, which has both presence and flavour. Complex yes, but subtle too! It's the squaring of the circle.

Enjoy… as an aperitif, with your beloved (or, failing that, your mum!)

Price : around 31€

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