Roederer : hand in hand with Nature

Sep 28, 2020 • 1 min
Digital & Sales Manager

In its new communication campaign, Roederer transports us to a world steeped in emotion. The Champagne House with the famous coat of arms is stepping outside the box using a judicious blend of art, savoir-faire and marketing. Let’s take a look at its new campaign, more natural than Nature herself!

Although Nature is indeed the first cog in the wheel of champagne production, it is the savoir-faire of Man that transforms the grapes. And Roederer has understood this.

Comprising 5 new visuals, the campaign is breaking the usual codes... Gone are the traditional pictures of bottles, replaced by works of art representing the Champagne House's savoir-faire since 1776 that are bound to have a strong appeal to consumers.

The work of Nature

Long associated with the art world, notably through its Foundation for Art and its numerous cultural partnerships - we all remember the iconic bottle created by Philippe Starck - this time, the Champagne House is drawing inspiration from the elements of Nature within the Champagne region. Limestone, vine shoots, leaves, roots or clouds: they are presenting us with a veritable Ode to Nature

"A choreography between Man and Nature"

In a short presentation film for its new campaign, Roederer highlights its close connection with Nature and the best that Nature has to offer: terroirs, vines, grapes...

Time, patience, savoir-faire and commitment are the bywords of those who work for the Champagne House. They explain how these bywords influence their daily work and how they manage to translate them into the production of Roederer Champagne.

With this new communication campaign, the Roederer Champagne House is hitting hard and draws us into a prosopopoeia of Nature, not unlike its Champagne.