R.D. 2007, a vintage by Bollinger

Mar 24, 2021 • 2 mins
Team Grappers

The iconic Cuvée R.D. is the embodiment of Madame Bollinger's audacity. An old vintage, disgorged shortly before its release, this is a wine that is always ahead of its time. Today, Bollinger R.D. 2007 has gone back to its origins to create a vintage with a very authentic character.  

Back to the 60's

While most Champagne Houses were innovating through unusually shaped bottles, Bollinger decided to concentrate on its signature taste. Although old vintages were not fashionable in 1967, Madame Bollinger was as bold and forward-thinking as ever and decided to bring to market a 1952 vintage that had been recently disgorged and dosed as an extra-brut. This was a firm statement of her vision: the absolute prestige of Bollinger lay in the wine itself, not in its vessel.

It was with this vintage that they chose the final name of the cuvée: Bollinger R.D., which stands for "recently disgorged". Its label was the first in history to feature a disgorgement date.

© Champagne Bollinger

For the 2007 vintage, the Bollinger has returned to its roots: the label has been redesigned to feature its original aluminium alloy material with lettering in the font used on the mythical 1952 vintage. The date of disgorgement also appears again on the label.

Rarity that leads to irrefutable quality

To the boldness of the recent disgorgement and the perfect mastery of time, Bollinger R.D. adds ‘rarity’. The rarity of the vintages selected, only a select few are elevated to the status of R.D. The rarity of the production volumes: each vintage is only produced in a limited number of bottles, which are hand-riddled and hand-disgorged. They attest to a treasured savoir-faire, passed down from generation to generation.

Each of these vintages is a unique expression of the Cuvée R.D.

The 2007 vintage: boldness and energy

The 2007 harvest was one of the earliest in over a century in the Champagne region, resulting in a high-quality crop.

The contrast between the intensity of the spicy aromas, the notes of fruit, brioche and honey, and the freshness of the wine creates a rare moment of drinking enjoyment and tell us that this is a cuvée of great energy.

Energy on the eye with an intense amber hue.

Energy on the nose, where the spices present themselves in a variety of forms.

Energy on the palate with a lively and clean opening that reveals notes of white plum, walnut and aniseed. Its freshness is beautiful and its tension incredible.

“The 2007 vintage of the Cuvée R.D. embodies the House’s dedication to hard work and Madame Bollinger’s vision. It underscores the belief in the authenticity of our expertise. The contrast between freshness on the palate and the spicy aromatic intensity of Bollinger R.D. 2007 brings a new experience of the cuvée to lovers of fine wine.”
Charles-Armand de Belenet
General manager of Champagne Bollinger