Pressoria, a sensory journey to the heart of champagne

Jun 23, 2021 • 2 mins
Team Grappers

What say you to a cultural weekend in the Épernay area this summer? Between the Musée du vin de Champagne et d’Archéologie régionale (Champagne Wine and Regional Archaeology Museum) that opened in Épernay on 29 May and the opening of the "Pressoria" Champagne Wine Sensory Interpretation Centre in Aÿ on 2 July, you'll soon know everything there is to know about the King of Wines!

An approach based on sensory experimentation

Pressoria is a museum unlike any other: no works of art will be on display. Set up in the former pressing rooms of the Pommery Champagne House at the foot of a vineyard hillside in Aÿ, this new type of museum offers visitors a fun, interactive experience that engages all five senses, to the delight of the young... and the not so young!

The Champagne Wine Sensory Interpretation Centre offers visitors the opportunity to learn about all the processes involved in the crafting of champagne, from the soil to the bubbles. The tour, which lasts about an hour and a half, is divided into 10 rooms where the visitors can become apprentice winemakers, practise pressing grapes in the Champenoise style, obtain white wine from black grapes and blend a virtual "cuvée". Visitors will also be able to watch a series of short documentaries about the various Champagne professions.

Other experiences to enjoy

Pressoria has worked with "bubble physicist" Gérard Liger-Bélair, professor at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne. This collaboration will have visitors' heads spinning thanks to a 360-degree projection that will immerse them in a flute of champagne!

An "effervescence table" has also been created with 8 films that answer all the champagne lover’s usual questions: where do the bubbles come from? which glasses are best suited to champagne? (you can find some of the answers here), and much more…

Round off the visit by tasting two champagnes (changed every two months) or some grape juice!

Grab a bite to eat too!

On the ground floor, you will find the museum's gastronomic restaurant, located just below the vineyards. The beautifully named "Instant terroir" restaurant is managed by caterer Alexandre Fortuné, his executive chef Pascal Guérin and sommelier Lucas Muet. On the wine list, you will find about 100 different champagnes and wines from around 40 Champagne Houses and independent producers. The hardest part will be picking just one!

A "bistronomic” restaurant will also be opening on the first-floor terrace, and there will also be a food truck available, perfect for families.

Adult price: 16.00 € with a tasting of two champagnes

Children's price (from 6 years old): 8.50 €