Presenting ISOS, a Fa’Bulleuse champagne!

Nov 2, 2020 • 1 min
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Les Fa'bulleuses is above all a story of women. 7 women with different backgrounds and personalities and a shared passion: champagne.

From the Montagne de Reims to the Côte des Bars via Montgueux or the Côte des Blancs, these “bubbly” champagne producers personify a Champagne region that is dynamic and united. Through the Les Fa'bulleuses association, created in 2014, they are asserting their femininity and their know-how and advocating mutual aid between female champagne producers.

With their contemporary vision of champagne and the Champagne region, Sophie, Charlotte, Laureen, Hélène, Claire, Mathilde and Delphine are seeking to encourage dialogue and communication between female champagne producers, to promote their champagne and their region and to attract Champagne Lovers by taking an educational approach to drinking.

ISOS, a Champagne unlike any other

Leveraging their creativity and talent, Les Fa'bulleuses have already brought out a gift box that represents their personalities: 7 champagnes (3 rosé champagnes, 2 white champagnes and 2 vintage champagnes) from their respective domaines. This year, they are innovating once more with a unique and original collection: ISOS.

This limited edition of 650 bottles symbolises the harmony and friendship that unites these women. 7 women, 7 champagne houses, 7 champagnes... Les Fa'bulleuses are pushing the boundaries of champagne production with a champagne crafted from a blend of their 7 terroirs.

Les Fa'Bulleuses tell us about it

Which Fa’Bulleuse are you? 
I'm the 'Authentic' one. A love of champagne has long flowed through my veins. It was passed on to me by my family, who have been at the helm of the Champagne House for over 90 years! I constantly strive to transcribe the authenticity of the terroir into my wines, while injecting the domaine with fresh energy.

What does ISOS represent for you? 
It’s the bond between us 7. It's a project founded on our love of wine and our craft encapsulated in a single champagne. More than just the bottle, ISOS has created stronger, tighter links between us all.

ISOS is 1/7th champagne from Guy Méa. What grape variety did you contribute? 
We contributed some Pinot Noir from the Louvois vineyard to the ISOS blend.

Can you describe ISOS in 3 words?
Family, strength and our strong ties.
Sophie Milesi
Champagne Guy Méa, Louvois (Marne)
Which Fa’Bulleuse are you?
I'm the 'Globetrotter'. I’ve always loved to travel. Whether it was with my parents, during my Master's degree at the OIV (International Wine Organisation), or when I travelled around the world, I had the opportunity to discover an infinitely vast world of wine. Back in Champagne, I continue to be inspired by these discoveries and encounters in my daily life and work.

What does ISOS represent for you?
For me, ISOS represents sharing. This champagne is a perfect illustration of our collaboration: the sharing of advice, experiences, know-how, good times... And of course, the sharing of a good bottle of champagne!

ISOS is 1/7th champagne from De Sousa. What grape variety did you contribute? 
1 hectolitre of Chardonnay from Avize - our hallmark – goes into ISOS.

What emotion would you use to describe ISOS?
Charlotte de Sousa
Champagne de Sousa, Avize (Marne)
Which Fa’Bulleuse are you?
I'm the 'Fearless' one. I took over at the family domaine with my mother and sister when I was just 20 years old. It was one heck of a challenge that required intuition, hard work and passion, a challenge I successfully pulled off because I'm now in charge of the Domaine’s vinification and blending work!

What does ISOS represent for you?
For me, ISOS is the culmination of our collaboration and at the same time the start of a new adventure.

ISOS is 1/7th champagne from Baillette-Prudhomme. What grape variety did you contribute? 
We decided to contribute a lovely Pinot Noir from the Rilly La Montagne vineyards to ISOS.

If ISOS were a work of art, what would it be? 
"Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" by Picasso. I like this painting not due to its provocative nature for the time, but due to the artist's deep desire to reinvent himself, even to the extent of creating a new movement (cubism). I inevitably draw a parallel with ISOS, which is a new champagne through which one reinvents oneself!
Laureen Baillette
Champagne Baillette-Prudhomme, Trois-Puits (Marne)
Which Fa’Bulleuse are you?
I'm the 'Bubbly' one. Champagne is an intrinsic part of my story. More than just vineyards, I have inherited my grandfather's deep-held beliefs and tenacity. Today, I strive to make bold champagnes with innovative packaging and a contemporary style.

What does ISOS represent for you?
The achievement of a shared passion using 7 pairs of hands!

ISOS is 1/7th champagne from Beaugrand. What grape variety did you contribute? 
A Chardonnay Vieilles Vignes (old vines) from the Montgueux vineyard.

What famous woman would you like to share a bottle of ISOS with?
With a strong, generous and kind woman. An epicurean. I'm thinking of Edith Piaf: La Vie en Rose, Je ne regrette rien, Mon Dieu, L'Hymne à l'Amour... Her songs go so well with the passion associated with our craft.
Hélène Beaugrand
Champagne Beaugrand, Montgueux (Aube)
Which Fa’Bulleuse are you?
I'm the 'Foodie'. I'm torn between wine and cooking. Fascinated by these two complementary worlds, I’ve had the opportunity to explore many regions, both wine-producing and gastronomic. I'm a fan of "good food and drink"... In short, I'm a real foodie!

What does ISOS represent for you?
A great adventure and a shared experience.

ISOS is 1/7th champagne from Mary-Sessile. What grape variety did you contribute? 
In our Champagne House, the Meunier is king! We have therefore allocated 1 hectolitre of Pinot Meunier from Treslon to ISOS.

What dish do you like to enjoy ISOS with?
As an aperitif, with pan-fried sea scallops, a tartare with parmesan cheese or paired with matured Comté cheese.
Claire Blin
Champagne Mary-Sessile, Treslon (Marne)
Which Fa’Bulleuse are you?
I'm the 'Passionate' one. Not only in terms of wine or champagne but everything relating to them. History and family values, working the land, terroir and traditions... I try to perpetuate this every day on the domaine, while bringing a fresh and dynamic vision.

What does ISOS represent for you?
It’s the pooling and sharing of our 7 terroirs. With ISOS, we have created our "Territory"!

ISOS is 1/7th champagne from Rochet-Bocard. What grape variety did you contribute? 
ISOS deserved a Premier Cru! We therefore contributed 1 hectolitre of Chardonnay from Vaudemange which represents our terroir.

If ISOS were a monument, what would it be?
The Piazza del Campo in Siena: a blend of skill and bravery!
Mathilde Devarenne
Champagne Rochet-Bocart, Vaudemange (Marne)
Which Fa’Bulleuse are you?
I'm the 'Daring' one. I like to think outside the box and produce creative and consistently high-quality champagnes. Because I have a tenacious and audacious streak, I try to create unique champagnes using original and avant-garde working methods.

What does ISOS represent for you?
ISOS is the embodiment of our synergy. The creation of our Territory, unique in Champagne.

ISOS is 1/7th champagne from Louise Brison. What grape variety did you contribute? 
We chose to contribute a blend of 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnay from Noé Les Mallets, aged in oak barrels, 2017 vintage!

What song would you associate with ISOS?
"So What" by Pink. Pink is a talented singer who loves wine and is a totally independent woman! Her song "So What" is a good illustration of this independence. ISOS was born out of passion and originality, it fits well with the idea of "So What... I do what I want!”
Delphine Brulez
Champagne Louise Brison, Noé-Les-Mallets (Aube)