Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque Society, its fabulous new experience

May 21, 2021 • 3 mins
Assistante chef de projet

The famous Perrier-Jouët Champagne House is offering visitors the chance to partake in a total Perrier-Jouët champagne experience, in three different dimensions, to make things even more exciting!... Here’s a quick overview of this exceptional experience…

What’s the point of champagne if you don't have a great place to drink it, right? That's why the Champagne House has opened the Cellier Belle-Époque, a champagne bar that offers customers a variety of unique Perrier-Jouët champagne related experiences. These include an exploration of the Champagne House's historical heritage, a tasting of champagnes with a link to the works of art on display, and the chance to meet guest personalities invited by Perrier-Jouët. You can also let yourself be tempted by the fine food and wine pairings devised by Séverine Frerson, Perrier-Jouët's cellar master, and Sébastien Morellon, Perrier-Jouët's new head chef.  The Cellier Belle-Époque offers its customers a choice of activities that promise to delight the taste buds and leave a lasting impression! 

A garden celebrating taste

Nature, Perrier-Jouet's primary source of inspiration for over 200 years, is everywhere you look. The interior, featuring a suspended plant installation, reflects the landscaped garden outside. Comfortably seated inside, visitors will be able to continue their experience, share the inspiration, and savour the Champagne House's wines perfectly paired with Sébastien Morellon's cuisine. We’re drooling!

Champagne is/and art

The ground floor of the Maison Belle-Époque is also open to the general public for the first time in its history. The former Hôtel Guyot, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was once the residence of the Champagne House’s founders. This building, a jewel of art nouveau, will be the place to head to if you like great works of art since it is home to the largest private collection of French Art Nouveau in Europe, no less!  This chic, vibrant yet relaxing location will, for the first time, be putting on public display works of art usually reserved for art lovers and collectors. Who wouldn't fancy stepping into the shoes of a 19th-century socialite for a while?

At the start of the summer season, you will be able to try some of Sébastien Morellon's cuisine in a lunch enjoyed on the spacious terrace overlooking the garden... a great way to make the most of summer, and above all, an exceptional first post-lockdown experience. And we just can’t wait!

Exclusive sweet treats 

Since it opened in 2019, the Perrier-Jouët Boutique has been a great success. For this event and its post-lockdown reopening, it is offering an on-the-spot personalisation service and new exclusive products, including its very own honey, which comes directly from the beehives set up in the vineyards to preserve biodiversity. Should we expect it to taste like champagne? In any case, if it tastes as good as theirs... 

A mixture of finesse and art, conviviality and pleasure, sensibility and nature, the Perrier-Joët Champagne House delights both the eyes and the taste buds: The post-lockdown period in Champagne is definitely shaping up nicely....