Perching Bar, tasting in the air

Sep 16, 2020 • 1 min

Up in a tree, comfortably seated on a bench bordered by the leaves of a majestic oak-tree, experience the joy of drinking a fine champagne while communing with nature. Original, surprising, unusual, unexpected, the Perching Bar is a designed hut in which you will be completely disoriented. It can be privatised, and is an ideal venue to organise a party. Your friends will never forget it!

Closer to the sky

Who has never dreamt to spend an entire day in the trees? To contemplate the world from above, to shift perspectives, to swallow the clouds, to steal the rays of sunlight, to blow his/her nose in the stars?

At the heart of La Montagne de Reims’s regional park, the Perching Bar can make these dreams come true for a few hours (it will be able to make them come true for a few nights very soon!). Thanks to the imagination of a loony architect, this unexpected and eco-friendly place offers you the most unusual view point over the Champagne region.

There, you will be able to taste champagnes made by the best local winegrowers, you will be able to wonder about the effects height has on bubbles retained in a glass. You will also be able to talk about the internal life of squirrels, depending on whether they eat acorns or hazelnuts.

To gain access to this last step before reaching the sky, you will have to temporarily turn into Indiana Jones, as you will need to walk on a few suspended footbridges. Inside a hut crossed by the branches of a majestic oak-tree, in which 75 people can fit, perched 6 meters above the ground, you will understand why Man has always felt the need to make up unusual venues and flying machines. Just like champagne, these free men from the earth’s attraction.