Packaging that makes an impression

Nov 23, 2020 • 2 mins
Team Grappers

Located in the village of Bethon, in the heart of the limestone terroir of the Coteaux du Sézannais, the Le Brun de Neuville Champagne House has been waving the flag for the Côte de Sézanne and the generous and sunny identity of its Chardonnays, since 1963.

Now that the extraordinary 2020 harvest has been brought in, the Champagne House is unveiling its new packaging, largely inspired by its terroir and all those who play a role in it. The "Tradition", "Authentique" and "Lady de N." ranges are being discontinued and will be replaced respectively by "Côte" (‘de Sézanne’, of course, ed. note), "Les Chemins" and "Autolyse".

The "Côte de Sézanne" range is imbued with the character of the terroir, the blend of all the Sézannais Crus. "Les Chemins", stamped with the mark of Man, is a plot-based approach that emphasizes identity and distinctiveness: wines crafted in vats, foudres and barrels, with native and selected yeasts, with and without malolactic fermentation, bottled under cork and disgorged by hand. The "Autolyse" range represents the imprint of time. It is derived from selected vineyard plots and aged in the cellar for around 10 years. As for the imprint of nature, this is embodied by the Vintage champagnes.

This evolution of the range, in terms of both the bottles and gift packaging, is part of the Champagne House's strategy to add greater value to its range and move it upmarket.