Once upon a Dom Pérignon

Sep 17, 2020 • 3 mins

A royal stage at the Château de Versailles for the king of champagnes, with fine French cuisine by Alain Ducasse setting the scene.  


The historic and regal Chateau de Versailles, former residence of Louis XVI, more specifically the first floor of the Dufour Pavilion.


A taste encounter between an exceptional wine and great French cuisine.

The wine

Dom Pérignon P2 1998, straight from the Dom Pérignon wine library with the blessing of Richard Geoffroy, former cellar master at the Hautvillers Abbey champagne house. After sixteen years in the cellars, it reveals the powerful transformation of a mysterious, organic wine, glorifying the dark, mineral, salty and spicy singular nature of Dom Pérignon into one of the key stages of its life cycle: expanding from youthful insolence to brazen maturity.

The stage

The chateau’s sumptuous surroundings, the ceremonial dining experience, the refined novelty of the outfits (staff are in 18th century dress), the crockery and the very ritual of the service all make it a unique experience for discovering this grand champagne. Modern cuisine is created around dishes from the king’s table and ingredients from the Court’s ordinance. The tables are laid with crockery from the former Royal Manufacture in Limoges. The king of champagnes may now make its entrance. 

The food

By Alain Ducasse, who has honed his masterful contemporary interpretation of grand French cuisine, marked by the spirit and history of the Court of Versailles. For the Head Chef at Plaza Athénée in Paris and Hôtel de Paris in Monaco, “inspiring and not copying” is key when implementing this menu celebrating a great wine.

The ambition

To transcend customary perceptions. Excellence, creativity and surprise epitomise the singular nature of this menu created by Alain Ducasse for Dom Pérignon P2 1998, who illustrates the three facets of the wine with cheerful contemporaneity: intense, mineral and precise.