Joseph Perrier and Guy Martin at the Grand Véfour

Sep 15, 2020 • 1 min

When classicism meets avant-garde!

Great encounters are sometimes the result of serendipity. Just a small detail can give a coincidence a much deeper meaning. Such was the case with the coming together of the Joseph Perrier Champagne House in Châlons-en-Champagne, and Guy Martin, the talented chef at the Grand Véfour in Paris.

Benjamin Fourmon, the Joseph Perrier’s young Managing Director, enjoyed one of Guy Martin’s recipes which he was served on an Air France flight to the U.S. He decided that the time had come for Joseph Perrier, already widely distributed in wine stores, to increase its visibility in the fine dining sector. He was certain that the “Royale Brut” was much more than just an aperitif wine and could easily be paired with main dishes as well. He contacted the chef at the Grand Véfour upon his return to Paris.

This collaboration is a first for us. We’d never thought of working with a world- famous chef but we were impressed by Guy Martin’s classic yet modern style. Despite being part of the gastronomic scene for a long time, he constantly challenges himself and hasn’t lost any of his avant-garde vision.
Benjamin Fourmon
Managing Director of Champagne Joseph Perrier

This constant quest for perfection very much reflects the production of this non-vintage champagne, crafted from a careful blend of several years and Champagne’s three iconic grape varieties (Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay). 

Royale Brut and Blue Lobster

Guy Martin chose to pair the “Cuvée Royale” with a blue lobster from the Côtes d’Armor. However, and with just the hint of a smile, he surprises us by insisting that “the lobster is optional in this recipe. It‘s the delicious soil-grown tomatoes that really create the magic. They add sunshine and softness to the dish. The are rich yet fresh at the same time”. His description of this fruit vegetable also perfectly sums up the organoleptic qualities of the champagne it is paired with.