Inside the Clos' privacy

Sep 17, 2020 • 4 mins

The Champagne region has two faces: on the one hand, cuvees born from the blending of several aeras, standard-bearers of a house, perpetuating its history over centuries. On the other, cuvees from a parcel surrounded by walls, which express a unique personality and recall the typicality and exclusive and confidential rarity of the region.


Krug, The Haute Couture - 1843

Two exceptional Clos embody the spirit of the Krug house, a dream of its founder Joseph Krug. « We must offer the best everyyear ». He indeed refers to the Grande Cuvée, « You cannot produce good wines without using the rights tools and good Crus wines ». Such an attention to details and exactness can be found in the blending from the Clos du Mesnil (100% chardonnay), which only is 1,85 hectare: « Fragments of the Clos are tasted blindly, and if one of them is not good enough, we remove it » explains Olivier Krug, sixth generation. If one remembers the taste of a "great cuvee" for the rest of his life, Le Clos du Mesnil will remain forever. As for Le Clos d’Ambonnay, it can be compared to a confidence, a whisper providing an almost forbidden pleasure. This is Krug’s art pushed to the extreme, the quintessence of a pinot noir born on a plot of 0,68 hectare. Transgressive and captivating.

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