Gosset Extra-Brut, the champagne without pomp and ceremony

Apr 28, 2021 • 2 mins
Team Grappers

The champagne Extra-Brut is the latest creation from Maison Gosset. Its aromas show great complexity, but the champagne is straightforward in character. It is a champagne that has been lovingly crafted by Gosset's experts to be enjoyed whenever the fancy takes you… it is champagne without pomp and ceremony.

Gosset’s Extra-Brut has been designed to add sparkle to the day, without the need for a special occasion. After a trip to the market, while preparing lunch, on a picnic or before dinner….all are great excuses to crack open a bottle of the Extra-Brut!

"I designed it for spur-of-the-moment drinking"
Gabrielle Bouby-Malagu
Gosset’s cellar master

Gosset decided to use the traditional Champagne bottle in keeping with the character of this champagne for anytime drinking. The wine has spent a long time ageing in the cellar, a minimum of 4 years, which has lent it great aromatic complexity and a creamy texture, created by the finesse of the bubbles, which have refined over time.

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