Eric Taillet and the awakening of the Meunier varietal

Sep 9, 2021 • 3 mins
Digital & Sales Manager

Éric Taillet is a man of character, an avid champion of the Meunier varietal and one of our favourite champagne producers here at Grappers!

Champagne Éric Taillet is quietly nestled in Baslieux-sous-Chatillon in the heart of the Vallée de la Marne and overlooks its plots of Meunier vines. Meunier is the first love of Éric, the 4th generation of the Taillet-Régnier family.

He wants to restore the reputation of this varietal that was once the undisputed king of the Vallée du Belval, with his original, quirky champagnes of an instantly recognisable style. And knowing him as we do, we can confirm that his ambitions are in keeping with his personality!

Grappers would like to introduce you to this rather unusual champagne producer, a man with a dry sense of humour and unrivalled generosity.

His motto? ‘Sleep Meunier, sleep’. What he means by this is that he keeps his interventions to the bare minimum during vinification to allow the varietal to reveal the very best of itself. His philosophy? To nurture the relationship between the soils and his wines in order to lay bare the unique character of the terroir

Éric Taillet’s approach is to take the winegrowing techniques he has inherited and then adapt them. From the pruning systems and height of the vine to his ploughing work and cultivation methods, you name it, he changes it! He cares deeply about the environment and in 2021 embarked on his first year of the organic conversion process. He likes to bring a personal touch to winemaking to produce champagnes that are a reflection of himself: authentic, quirky and generous.

If you have the opportunity to taste his wines, and we strongly advise you do, then you will notice that Éric is not one to follow the crowd and that he prefers to experiment with his champagnes. He has passed this character trait on to his daughter Léna, who regularly assists him on the domaine. We were lucky enough to taste a champagne that she herself had vinified and we can assure you that the future of this Champagne House is in very good hands!

 As you may have gathered, the Meunier varietal is the real star of the show here at Champagne Éric Taillet. Let’s take a closer look at the affû’Tée range of champagnes…

The ‘Apar’Té’ range

As Éric Taillet himself explains: ‘this range can only be understood by those who love it. From the blended and single varietal champagnes to the fresh and fruity rosé, each has its own, very precise character.

Exclusiv’T Brut
Champagne Eric Taillet Exclusiv'T Brut
Eric Taillet's iconic champagne and one of his best sellers. It goes without saying that the Exclusiv'T Brut is made from 100% Meunier. It is elegant, powerful and smooth with aromas of ripe yellow fruit, mild tobacco and candied lemon underpinned by a hint of creaminess and vanilla. 

Blend : 100% Meunier with 20-30% reserve wines (réserve perpétuelle)
Dosage : Brut (4,5 g/L)
Ageing : 24 months
Exclusiv’T Extra-Brut
Champagne Eric Taillet Exclusiv'T Extra-Brut
This Extra-Brut champagne is the little sister to the Exclusiv'T Brut. It reveals a more vinous and mineral character than the Brut and a smooth, fresh and iodised palate with delicate notes of apricot and incredible purity. 

Blend : 100% Meunier with 20-30% reserve wines (réserve perpétuelle) 
Dosage : Extra-Brut (1 g/L)
Ageing : 24 months

Champagne Eric Taillet Luminosi'T
Luminosi'T is a blended rosé crafted from 100% Meunier. The result is an incredibly fresh wine characterised by delicate notes of red fruit. It is soft and elegant with a pale hue, chiselled structure and powerful aromatic style.  
Blend : 100% Meunier (95% Meunier white red and 5% Meunier red wine
Dosage : Brut (4,5 g/L)
Ageing : 24 months

The ‘L’Empreinte Unique du Meunier’ range

This single-vineyard range is an ode to the terroir and the Meunier varietal. With these champagnes Éric Taillet aims to show his favourite varietal in a new light whilst honouring the unique character of the plots in which they are grown.

Champagne Eric Taillet Bansionensi
Bansionensi is the Latin name for  Baslieux-sous-Chatillon, the commune in which the Eric Taillet Champagne House is situated. Derived primarily from old vines, this champagne is complex, intense and aromatic with exotic fruit and citrus notes subtly complemented by aromas of yellow stone fruit. 
Blend : 100% Meunier
Dosage : Extra-Brut (1,5 g/L)
Ageing : 48 months
Sur le Grand Marais
Champagne Eric Taillet Sur le Grand Marais
A Brut Nature made from an inseparable duo of Meunier and Chardonnay, planted in the very same plot and harvested at the same time. The result is a fresh, lively wine dominated by notes of citrus and white fruit which give way to delicate aromas of brioche. 
Blend : 90% Meunier and 10% Chardonnay
Dosage : Brut Nature (0 g/L)
Ageing : 48 months
Le Bois de Binson
Champagne Eric Taillet Le Bois de Binson
This aromatic, elegant and expressive wine is an ode to the Meunier and Meunier alone. With its notes of brioche, dried fruit and yellow peaches, it offers remarkable balance between tension and softness. A wine for enjoying with food. 
Blend : 100% Meunier
Dosage : Extra-Brut (1,5 g/L)
Ageing : 48 months

New for 2021

With this new champagne, Eric Taillet seeks to show us a very different side to the Meunier varietal, one that is denser, more complex and more elegant.

Champagne Eric Taillet Renaissance
A rich, dense champagne dominated by delicate notes of freshly baked pastries and citrus fruit with a soft texture and a distinctively vinous character. This is an elegant champagne that is perfect for pairing with food. 
Blend : 100% Meunier
Dosage : Extra-Brut (0,6 g/L)
Ageing : 72 months