Devaux revives its still wine production

Jan 6, 2022 • 2 mins
Assistant commercial

Come along with Grappers for a quick dive into the Côte des Bar to explore another facet of the Champagne region. We’re heading to the Devaux Champagne House to taste no less than 4 still wines: 2 single vineyard Rosés des Riceys and 2 Coteaux Champenois, one white and one red. Yes, we’ll drink to that!

Rosé des Riceys “Val Bazot“, 2018, 100% Pinot Noir

This is a gorgeously captivating and luscious wine with a light red hue and an energetic nose reminiscent of the most delicious of red fruit salads. As for the palate, it shows a lovely touch of liquorice alongside some lovely smooth fruit. Best served between 10° and 12°C paired with a blanquette of veal, andouillette or risotto.

RSP: around 30 €.

Rosé des Riceys “Chanseux“, 2018, 100 % Pinot Noir

This rosé is typical of its appellation and embodies all the finesse of its terroir. Its delicate colour heralds lovely aromas of wild strawberries, blackberries and liquorice. Its palate is fresh, fruity and soft. Best served between 10° and 12°C paired with some tapas or a flavoursome Chaource cheese.

RSP: around 33 €.

Coteaux Champenois White “Montgueux”, 2019, 100% Chardonnay

Hailing from the commune of Montgueux (as the name indicates), a superb hillside with chalky soils, this Chardonnay expresses floral and toasted notes both on the nose and palate. On the palate, the wine is nicely balanced by the minerality of its soil. Best served at 10°C paired with some Tomme de Savoie or truffled Saint Félicien cheeses, oysters or prawns.

RSP: around 38 €.

Coteaux Champenois Red “Version“ 2018, 100% Pinot Noir

This red wine from old vines in Les Riceys reveals aromas of black cherry and redcurrant nicely set off by toasted, vanilla and light tobacco notes. On the palate, the tannins blend smoothly with the fresh, tasty fruit. Coming after the iconic "Sténopé" wine, "Version" is the result of a new collaboration between the famous Rhone winemaker Michel Chapoutier and the Devaux Champagne House. Best served between 12° and 14°C paired with beef bourguignon, a platter of charcuterie or a fillet of eel in red wine.

RSP: around 30 €.

Champagne is not only sparkling and the Devaux Champagne House is demonstrating this by creating some still wines of great quality. 2022 seems to be the year of recovery and perhaps even the year of the still wines of Champagne?