Deutz, the quiet strength

Sep 16, 2020 • 3 mins

“The great source of inspiration is the location. At Deutz, there is a spirit of place which impregnates us, inspires us and guides us on our path”. Fabrice Rosset has the confidence of a CEO of a grand champagne house, as comfortable in his karate kimono (a sport he practises to a high standard) as he is in the boardroom of the company he has been managing for twenty years.

Rooted in the landscape of Champagne since 1838, Deutz can be proud of its flattering reputation with lovers of elegant effervescence. A reputation which seems to be passed on by word of mouth as the house is discreet in both its presentation and advertising. In twenty years it has however quadrupled its sales, moving from 576,000 bottles in 1996 to 2,200,000 bottles in 2016, strengthening its brand image at the same time. “The discretion of our House makes it a little intriguing,” says Fabrice Rosset with a smile. “It makes people curious; they want to discover the secret...”. These great results have earned it carte blanche from its shareholder, Maison Louis Roederer, which took over Deutz in 1993. “When Jean-Claude Rouzaud offered me the reins, I said: If you give me complete independence, I’m interested. It was a kind of “I’ll show them” attitude that was fun,” he confesses, half boastful, half deadpan. “But they knew me...I’m more of a missionary than a mercenary! “

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