Cobalte, the vodka with a Champagne identity

Nov 22, 2021 • 1 min
Assistante chef de projet

Have you checked out the new trendy vodka? Fortunately, you don't have to fly thousands of miles to Russia to do it! Cobalte, the new premium French vodka, was born in Aÿ-Champagne, just outside Épernay! And it’s the Champagne touch that makes all the difference, let's talk a look why…

A unique vodka

Cobalte is a terroir vodka made from the Champagne Crus. The 3 grape varieties, Pinot Noir, Meunier and Chardonnay, are harvested and vinified in the Parc de la Montagne. This is followed by the distillation which transforms the wines’ lees into vodka. The entire manufacturing process is slow and authentic giving Cobalte its distinctive identity: a French vodka (and a Champagne one at that!), imbued with finesse and purity.

In a bottle like no other

For Cobalte, elegance is everything. A contemporary minimalist bottle, a striking colour... all the details have been very carefully thought out. But why the cobalt blue? Well, because it is the colour of the Kings of France. The Cobalte name and colour are therefore a nod to these kings and their coronations in the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Reims.

So, let’s give it a taste!

On the nose: dominant aromas of ripe citrus (kumquat), candied fruit (orange peel) and fresh almonds, followed by a vegetal touch of honeysuckle and a delectable hint of gingerbread.

On the palate: a liquorice stick flavour dominates but creates a lovely warm vegetal character with notes of straw and dry oak. It shows a surprising enveloping silky-soft texture.

Serving advice: Cobalte can be enjoyed on the rocks, in cocktails or paired with food. “Na zdarovié“!


For one cocktail :
- 4 cl Cobalte vodka
- 1 ripe kiwi
- 3 cl elderberry liqueur
- 2 cl lime juice
- Plenty of ice
- A shaker and bit of elbow grease!

Peel the kiwi and cut it into 4 pieces. Place in a shaker and mash them into a puree with a muddler. Drop some ice cubes into the shaker, then pour in 4 cl of Cobalte Vodka. Add the elderflower liqueur and lime juice. Shake for 10 to 15 seconds.


For 10 cocktails:
- 40 cl Cobalte Vodka
- 8 lemons
- 15 cl agave syrup
- Plenty of ice
- A blender

Pour the Cobalte Vodka into the blender then add the peeled and halved lemons, agave syrup and ice. Blend until you obtain a granita-like texture, adding ice if necessary. Transfer the resulting mixture into glasses, then cover in your favourite syrup (yes, grenadine is OK too).