Champagne, made accessible through sign language courtesy of De Sousa

Jan 10, 2022 • 1 min
Assistante chef de projet

It is a first for the Champagne region and the world of the deaf and hard of hearing: the De Sousa Champagne House, in partnership with a specialised company, is launching a series of videos translated into (French) sign language!

A story of signs

This idea came to Charlotte De Sousa after the birth of her second child. She found the idea of being able to communicate with her child in sign language both interesting and fun, but how could she do the same thing for adults? Well, in the end, she went and commissioned Champagne company LEA to shoot a series of videos in which she talks to her community about her expertise, wines and love of her craft, and to translate them into sign language.

But this is just the beginning...

De Sousa is the only Champagne House thus far to have created videos translated into sign language. It decided to take this innovation a step further by printing QR codes on the back labels of its champagnes which enables drinkers, including the deaf and hard of hearing, to access tasting notes and further information about the wines.

The De Sousa Champagne House is planning to open its doors to the public during the 10th edition of the Clin d'Oeil Festival running from 30 June to 3 July 2022. This international festival of sign language arts is held every two years in Reims and attracts around 20,000 festival-goers.

At some point in 2022, Charlotte De Sousa hopes to be able to present her work and her wines in sign language herself, in her cellars.
We applaud this first-rate initiative from Champagne de Sousa!