Champagne Deutz : meeting with Fabrice Rosset

Sep 14, 2020 • 2 mins

Fabrice Rosset is a pleasant, kind man, enthusiastic about everything he does. His enthusiasm starts with his role as CEO of the Deutz Champagne House. When he was Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Champagne Roederer, he was also a main shareholder af the Deutz house, and would already call the Aÿ brand "a sleeping beauty" whenever he sat at the Board of Directors. Between 1993 and 1996, he began a long series of innovations which would gradually lead Deutz’s annual production volume from 700,000 bottles to the current figure of 2,5 million.

« Act fast and remain patient » could be Fabrice Rosset’s motto, who created, in 1993, the special cuvee called Amour de Deutz. The wine, which carries the image of a cherub statue standing in the backyard of the Deutz house, would soon become the symbol of the brand’s revival.

The long gestation period required when creating a vintage cuvee necessitates a clear vision of the objectives to attain before getting into such an adventure. Fabrice Rosset has this vision, and enough patience to create properly. He has quickly known how to detect assets, as well as how to fulfill the brand’s weaknesses, unite teams around the corporate plan and launch construction sites one after the other.

As the Deutz CEO, in 1996, Fabrice Rosset would not turn back. He had a clear aim: to complete the Deutz’s range of cuvees all the while being able to differentiate it from competitors. Twenty years later, he looks at the achieved work with a certain satisfaction. Yet, Fabrice Rosset is not the kind of man to rest on his laurels.

Always on the move, welcoming important visitors, wine-growers, importers or journalists, Fabrice Rosset gives the impression of a man who has acquired certainties without showing any sign of self-satisfaction.

Interviewed about the image of the Deutz brand, he shows a little hesitation before answering: « I want the brand to remain serious but reachable, with wines able to please the neophyte as well as the lovers ». He then pays tribute to his teams, but also thanks the production team as well as the commercial one: « we built this success together ». The number of sales, which has been multiplied by three in 24 years all the while improving in quality is a great success. The ship’s captain can be proud.