Champagne, Common Human Heritage

Sep 14, 2020 • 3 mins

Pierre Cheval, the chairman of the dynamic association "Paysages du Champagne" (Champagne Landscape Association) passed away shortly after the announcement of the region’s registration at the UNESCO’s Champagne, Slopes, Houses and Cellars World Heritage List. At the time, the region’s candidacy had gathered 50,000 recognised ambassadors. It was a proof, if any were required, that the region and its inhabitants had gone into action to gain the recognition of the region’s viticultural landscapes and wine quality.

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Such a worldwide recognition has a direct impact on tourism. In 2015, when comparing other locations already registered on the World Heritage List, Pierre Cheval thought: « a 20 to 30% increase of tourism is predictable in the entire region. However, what we wish is an increase in quality tourism looking forward to discovering Champagne, rather than mass tourism ». Since then, ideas overflow.

A collective action, called "Destination Champagne" lead by the State’s initiative, the ministry, tourism professionals, local elected members, and professionals from the field has been put into place. Everyone works to the reinforcement of this offer. To attract quality tourism, the Champagne region must be more welcoming, and show that the magical effervescence of its wines also animates its houses, museums, crayères, cities, and life style.

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