Champagne Alfred Gratien is known for its authentic champagnes, including its Blanc de Blancs and Brut Nature.

Apr 6, 2021 • 3 mins
Team Grappers

Proud of its history and savoir-faire handed down from generation to generation, the Alfred Gratien Champagne House has always excelled in the crafting of exceptional champagne. Alfred Gratien has made summertime synonymous with its excellent Millésime Blanc de Blancs. Summer is the perfect time for enjoying this champagne with its characteristic freshness and maturity. Another Alfred Gratien signature champagne is the Brut Nature, which is totally “undosed” with the main aim of highlighting the liveliness and original freshness of the grapes.

The Blanc de Blancs 2015, a pure and lively wine

Like all Alfred Gratien champagnes, the Blanc de Blancs 2015 has been crafted in a manner that reflects all of Alfred Gratien's savoir-faire and excellence. With a meticulous selection of grapes and vinification and ageing carried out in small oak barrels, they have done everything possible to respect the characteristics of the grapes and the personality of the terroir.

A true Champagne wine, the Blanc de Blancs 2015 comes exclusively from Grands Crus in the Côte des Blancs, mainly vines growing in Avize and Cramant. This Millésime brings us a pure and lively wine with fabulous potential that seems to have been born to illustrate the style of the Alfred Gratien Champagne House.

The first nose is precise with scents of lemongrass and almonds against a saline backdrop of seaweed.

The wine is direct and crisp on entry to the palate.

The finish is very savoury and long with a fresh and elegant chewiness buoyed by a chalky minerality.

This is the champagne that suits all meals, the one that pairs with all dishes and pleases everyone.

The perfect companion all summer long.

The Brut Nature, authenticity in its pure state

As we mentioned above, Alfred Gratien carefully selects its grapes and uses vinification and ageing in oak barrels, all without malolactic fermentation. The Brut Nature is no exception to these rules allowing the creation of a champagne that combines expressiveness and liveliness: the lively acidity of the grapes and the expression of the terroir are forcefully expressed.

This refined blend combines the fruitiness of the Meunier with the elegance of the Chardonnay, both beautifully set off by the Pinot Noir.

The nose is initially intense with aromas of dried fruit, candied fruit and melted butter all mingling together.

The champagne is vibrant and the bubbles are particularly lively on entry to the palate.

The finish is forthright and tangy, prolonging the impressions experienced on the palate.

When served at the table, the Brut Nature is the perfect accompaniment to food with a firm texture, including lobster, cured ham, small game birds, mature Gouda or mature Mimolette cheeses.

This is an accomplished, authentic, uncompromising champagne in a distinctive and dynamic style that will delight all true connoisseurs of wines from the Champagne region.