Bollinger: The Côte aux Enfants, the quiet strength of pinot noir

Sep 24, 2020 • 2 mins

An exceptional terroir, an organic vineyard and wines worked in the Burgundy style: La Côte aux Enfants is a significant wine which has won the Champagne hillsides acclaim.

La Côte aux Enfants is a magical place where the countryside has been modelled over centuries by man, to the point that it is now a world heritage site. A sheer plot of 4 uninterrupted hectares, it overlooks the Aÿ vines where Pinot Noir is king. In the 16th century, well before the invention of the méthode champenoise, the village of Aÿ already produced a still red wine, pleasant to drink, that kings and princes liked for their everyday. Henri IV, apparently, drank a great deal of it.

The place known as La Côte des Enfants perfectly meets the notion of “climate” as understood in Burgundy, meaning an exceptional terroir where Pinot Noir grapes give the wines a particular intensity. The visionary Jacques Bollinger patiently reconstituted this unique vineyard which before the 1930s was shared between fifty or so owners. Sold as a still red only in its great years, La Côte aux Enfants is most often added to a Grande Année rosé when it is not vinified as a white to be incorporated in the best of the house’s champagnes.

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