Become a ‘Covigneron’ for a vintage

Jul 26, 2021 • 2 mins
Team Grappers

Would you like to become a winemaker for a vintage? Alain Michalon is giving you the opportunity to do exactly that thanks to the Covigneron (Co-winemaker) project. Alain and his team created Covigneron as they believe that a wine cannot be summed up by its price, its label or its appellation. Sharing a wine should be about discussion and exchange, understanding the terroir, the varietals and the winemaking process as well as exploring pairing suggestions of course!

What is a Covigneron ?

Alain Michalon, a wine lover and Epicurean, created Covigneron in 2012 with the objective of unraveling the mysteries of wine and making it more accessible.

Covigneron is the perfect gift for wine lovers as it gives them the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the craft of a winemaker during the ‘Discovery’ workshops included in the sponsorship program.

Covigneron encourages exchange and discussion between wine lovers and those who create the wines. It is also an opportunity to learn more about the profession from viticulture and the harvests to tasting the wines in the cellars, blending techniques and vinification. A bottle of the sponsored wine is gifted to the sponsoree after the workshops.

What does the Covigneron sponsorship consist of ? 

If you receive this as a gift or purchase it for someone else, you will be receiving:
- A personalised sponsorship certificate (sent by email)
- The ‘My Vine Stocks’ newsletter
- An invitation for two people to all of the ‘Discovery’ workshops (lasting either a day or half day)
- A bottle of wine with a customised label in the name of the recipient at the end of the ‘Discovery’ workshop
- A Covigneron diploma

Easy to use and no registration necessary 

If you would like to purchase the sponsorship as a gift (or a gift for yourself!), all you need to do is choose the vine stocks you wish to sponsor from the list of available appellations (including Alsace, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne and the Jura).

Only one winemaker is taking part in this project in Champagne and that is Champagne Rémy Massin in Ville-sur-Arce (Côte des Bar). The sponsorship costs 259€ and includes the ‘Winemaker in Champagne’, ‘Harvests in Champagne’ and ‘Vintage Discovery’ workshops.

Once the choice has been made, the recipient will be sent newsletters by email as well as invitations to the three Discovery workshops: ‘Winemaker in Champagne’, ‘Harvests in Champagne’ and ‘Vintage Discovery’. It is during the last of the three workshops that the person receives the Covigneron diploma and their very own bottle of wine complete with customised label in their name (a bottle that they will want to keep once they’ve enjoyed its contents!).

Are you ready to become a winemaker for a vintage?