Awakening the five senses

Dec 8, 2020 • 2 mins
Team @Grappers

In 2020, Mumm is offering Champagne Lovers an extraordinary new tasting experience, one that you might describe as mind-blowing! ... What better way to explore and taste a wine than by using all five of your senses? From the moment you pick up the glass to the swallowing of the last drop of wine, the sensations flow, one after the other.

"L’éveil des cinq sens" (awakening the five senses) is a brand-new wine tasting experience conducted by a crack trio: Laurent Fresnet, cellar master at Mumm, Gabriel Lepousez, a neuroscientist specialising in the perception of wine during it tasting, and designer Octave de Gauller.

To kick off this unusual tasting, Laurent Fresnet runs through the characteristics of each champagne - from the most obvious to the subtlest - with a precise objective: to obtain a finer and more sensitive reading of each wine.

During a tasting, the brain receives a multitude of information from the senses. Gabriel Lepousez then invites the participants to carry out an olfactory test using the Mumm Grand Cordon Rouge champagne and to share their impressions, which turned out to be very different.

Gabriel Lepousez explains: "It’s important to understand that there is no one way to taste a wine, everyone experiences something unique in this respect. By changing a few simple parameters, we can create a more complete experience that makes the drinking of the wine even more pleasurable".

Continuing the experience, Laurent Fresnet highlights the importance of the choice of wine glass by allowing participants to taste three champagnes in two different glasses: the classic Mumm glass and in glasses specially designed for the "L’éveil des cinq sens" experience.

Mumm Grand Cordon Rosé: tasted in the classic glass, it is very fresh with a slightly fruity character. Tasted in the smooth, heavy purple-tinted glass, it is more luscious with notes of red fruit.

Mumm Vintage 2013: the cellar master suggests tasting this wine in a fine granular glass which helps to reveal a certain freshness. Tasted in the classic glass, this well-structured champagne primarily reveals the luscious character of its pastry aromas.

RSRV Blanc de Noirs 2009: the tasting in the transparent glass allows the full maturity of the Verzenay Pinot Noir and its ripe fruit aromas to shine through. Tasted in the white glass, this wine offers a lovely freshness with aromas of citrus fruit and candied peaches.

"This innovative approach allows us to appreciate the aromatic richness of Mumm's wines, in their finest nuances, and to understand the surprising and very personal reactions we get when tasting a champagne" 
Laurent Fresnet
Cellar Master at Mumm

With this experience that awakens our senses, Maison Mumm is once again proving itself true to its heritage and the innovative spirit of its forefathers... for our greater drinking pleasure!