« Alliance Terroir Henriot »: soil analysis for the preservation of the vineyards

Nov 18, 2020 • 1 min
Brand & Content manager

"Alliance Terroir" is a work group set up by Maison Henriot to study Henriot’s vineyard soils and the Champagne terroir in general.

Its various members include Maison Henriot, the CIVC (the Champagne Wine Board), Henriot's partner growers, bodies associated with terroir studies or local organisations with whom Henriot works. 

The group aims to build up a knowledge of the terroirs from a historical, analytical and technical perspective to then adapt to these soils and work to protect and preserve Henriot's terroirs.

The project kicks off with an in-depth study of the soils in Henriot's vineyards as well as those of its partner growers (70 in total). In October and November, soil pits were dug in various Henriot cru vineyards (their own and partner growers) to study the composition of the soils, the geological strata, the rooting of the vine in these different soils, the microbiological life, the water status... while drawing on the historical knowledge of the crus selected by Henriot.

Through this process, Maison Henriot is committed to and invested in its vineyards.

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