Alice Tétienne, following in the footsteps of Apolline Henriot

Nov 18, 2020 • 2 mins
Brand & Content manager

We met with Alice Tétienne, the new cellar master at Champagne Henriot, in the Les Aulnois, the Henriot family home.

Alice Tétienne, a native of the Champagne region, discovered her passion for viticulture while carrying out some trellising work. She soon found herself wanting to learn more about winegrowing work and the Champagne terroir. From that moment onwards, it was clear to her that she would pursue a career in the wine world. 

Alice joined Henriot as cellar master and vineyard manager in February 2020. She describes the family-owned Champagne House as inspiring due to the great care and attention it pays to its vines and the terroir. This year, this ethos was illustrated again when Maison Henriot created “Alliance Terroir Henriot”, a laboratory devoted to the study of its vineyards' soils. 

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And that's exactly what appealed to Alice. Coming from a family of winegrowers in the Montagne de Reims, Alice is determined to present the terroir in the best possible light, just as Apolline Henriot was determined to bring “light to her land”. Indeed, you could say that Verzenay holds a special place in Alice’s heart, not just because of her roots, but because this place with its association with Apolline (a native of the village) is so very fitting.

2020 was the year in which Alice crafted her first blends and lived through her first harvest at Henriot. She approached both with confidence, even though they would obviously have been a challenge for her. At any rate, it was all very exciting, as you can imagine.

The handover from Laurent Fresnet, Alice’s predecessor, also went very smoothly: "Laurent was extremely generous. We worked very hard and he spent many evenings sharing everything he’d learnt, along with the Henriot values. Maison Henriot possesses an incredible savoir-faire".

Today, Alice's challenge is to provide Henriot with the tools to communicate and to promote these values. She believes everyone is an ambassador. And this goes hand in glove with her vision of Champagne. 

"I would like to believe in a sustainable Champagne, whether from an environmental, quality or human standpoint. Champagne must continue to move forward and above all, continue to work collectively"
Alice Tétienne
Cellar Master Champagne Henriot

As we wrap up the interview, Alice shares a piece of advice she once received: "the best advice I could have been given was to be committed, to work for a cause. I'm a great admirer of the Champagne region and I hope it will continue to shine. I have also joined Henriot as a custodian to help raise the quality and image of the Champagne region while respecting tradition".

With this inspiring and optimistic outlook, Alice Tétienne and Maison Henriot definitely have a bright future ahead of them.