A vintage experience with My Vintage Tour Co

Nov 16, 2020 • 2 mins
Brand & Content manager

Did you know that you can (or rather, you soon can) explore the vineyards of the Champagne region aboard a 1980 Estafette Alouette? For almost 3 years now, The My Vintage Tour Company has been taking visitors on original excursions through the Champagne region in vintage cars, entertaining them with interesting stories and fascinating discoveries.

Before we went into lockdown again, we were able to take the "Sunset Champagne Tour": a fabulous excursion through the vineyards at sunset. We were picked up from the front of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Reims (but you can also be picked up from Epernay) and set off for a ride in "Marie", the grey Estafette. We found ourselves instantly and comfortably ensconced in a gorgeous vintage ambience. 

Maëva, the founder and our guide for the day, told us the story behind the My Vintage Tour Company as we headed for the Montagne de Reims vineyards. It appears that the My Vintage Tour Company is primarily a family affair. A passion for vintage vehicles transmuted into a tangible form when the family decided to rebuild a Renault Estafette together and again when Maëva and her brother set up their tourism venture. The idea behind it was to unite two great passions and share the enjoyment of these passions with their customers: vintage cars, of course, but also the Champagne region’s vineyards.

And they do it all very well. During the drive, Maëva tells us the history of the Champagne region, as well as that of her Estafette, in a most entertaining fashion.

We arrived in Sacy just before sunset. The view over the vineyards was breathtaking and the sight of Château de Sacy at twilight was simply magical. Here, in the middle of the vineyards, we enjoyed some sweet and savoury appetizers served with a glass of champagne from a My Vintage Tour Company partner producer. I must say we won’t forget that experience in a hurry!

Night fell and we had to head back to Reims. The return trip was completed in high spirits and we took advantage of the final part of the drive to book our next tour. We’ll be seeing you again soon! 


You can check out the My Vintage Tour Company tours on https://myvintagetourcompany.com/